An Account of my Last Day in Amurrikah

‘Twas a great day!

Upon waking up, I quickly noticed I was on the receiving end of that sinking feeling all procrastinators come to know [oh! so very] well when I realized I had fallen far behind the acceptable packing time frame. As a result, I started working in what could only be described as HYPER DRIVE.

I managed to pack most of my clothes, with a little help from “divine intervention” (A.K.A. Mama), and I was still working on it when the doorbell rang. I didn’t recognize the girl’s voice, but I definitely heard my name when my parents answered the door. I walked out to the living room and the happiest arrangement of flowers I’d ever seen had come for me!! It was from my friend Oscar, wishing me a safe and happy trip. They brightened my day!

The happiest flower arrangement ever!

Also noteworthy: I enjoyed my last fast food lunch at Burger King, cuz Lord knows when the next time I enjoy the great American tradition of fatty burgers and greasy fries will be.

Next came some really meaningful stuff: I got to see some of my all-time favorite high school teachers. I always enjoy spending time with them, and they’ve been so much more special to me than any professor I had in college.

After a hair cut, my family and I went to have dinner at Acropolis, a great Greek place with wonderful food and a festive atmosphere. I left nothing of my gyro! For dessert we went back home to enjoy some delicious chocolate cake my mom had made especially for moi. Thank you, Mama!

Then came crunch time, and my mom and I stayed up packing until the wee hours of Saturday morning. I got about 4 hours of sleep, and those were the last I’d get for the next 35 hours or so. (Oh yes, I had jet lag. I had it HARD.)

So that was my last American day in a nutshell!

Coming soon to a travel blog near you: my lovely, lovely, lovely 8-hour flight from the deepest, darkest, most miserable circle of HELL.

But after that I promise we’ll get to the good stuff you’ve all been waiting for: SPAIN! Tapas! Sangria! Paella! Bread! Olive Oil! Bright lights! Big cities! Hot guys! [Just kidding, Papa] Charming towns! More bread and olive oil! Cobblestone streets! Friendly locals! All this, and more. So just sit tight, we’ll get there very soon.


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