Holy Toledo!

I honestly don’t know where to start for Toledo. It’s probably the prettiest pueblo I’ve seen so far in my entire life.

First off, let’s start with its geographical location: It’s right smack-dab in the middle of Spain, situated on the top of a rocky bluff, surrounded on three sides by the Tagus River. It’s a natural fortress. Next, let’s talk about the town itself. When you imagine a Spanish town in your head, you think of narrow cobblestone roads, old señoras praying with their rosaries in beautiful churches, children playing fútbol on the street, the scent of freshly-baked bread, and lovely homes all built one on top of another. Well, that’s what I think of, at least. And that is exactly what Toledo is. It’s beautiful. It has low crime; its people lead peaceful lives. It’s better than anything I’d ever imagined!

Magnificent Toledo

It’s also home to the most spectacular, breath-taking cathedral I’ve ever been inside of. After we were done touring the Cathedral, one girl summed it up best: “Now I know where ‘Holy Toledo’ comes from!” — Toledo serves as Spain’s spiritual capital.

It’s also the beloved hometown of El Greco, and there’s an El Greco museum here. I saw one of his paintings and I didn’t want to stop gazing at it:

El Greco Toledo

Before shipping off to Spain, my mom told me that Toledo is very famous for its jewelry, with its signature gold designs on a black background. So I had to get a little somethin’-somethin’!

A lovely crescent moon necklace I got in Toledo.

I wish we could have stayed in Toledo longer, exploring more of what the city had to offer. Plus, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about our 7-hour bus ride south. However, I was excited about our next destination:

SEVILLA!!!!! — My home for the next 4 months

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