Madrid: Day 3 – Such a Tourist

After our visit to El Escorial (see post below), we headed back to Madrid for a quick lunch and then to see….. *drumroll* ….. EL PRADO!!!! You know, only one of the most massive, most famous, most illustrious art museums known to man. No biggie.


I saw El Greco, I saw Goya, I saw Velasquez!! I saw so much that I’d only seen in textbooks and online! It was incredible! I have to say though, my favorite was definitely “Las Meninas.” Don’t know it off the top of your head? No? Well here’s a refresher, because I’m sure you’ve seen it somewhere before:

"Las Meninas" by Velasquez

But the point is, I got to see lots of pretty pictures! Well, on second thought, I wouldn’t count any of Goya’s Black Paintings as “pretty,” per se. More like fascinating in a twisted kind of way. Disturbing, even.

After El Prado, I went to el Parque del Buen Retiro, which is pretty much Madrid’s equivalent of Central Park. But el Parque del Buen Retiro is better. ‘Cuz it’s in Spain. Duh. But seriously though, it was gorgeous. I wanted to grab a book and spend the whole day just laying there on a shady patch by the pond. It was so picturesque. And HUGE! I don’t know which is bigger, Central Park or el Retiro, but I’m willing to bet on el Retiro.

I could spend all day there.

I eventually and reluctantly made my way back to the hotel because I had to finally admit to myself that my feet really were about to violently mutiny against me if I didn’t give them a rest soon. So much pain! But, after a brief siesta, I was ready to hit the streets once again!

I’d been dying to hit up this one really famous and awesome tapas bar called El Tigre that a friend had recommended to me, so I rallied a group of 5 other students to go with me. We found it without much difficulty, and for ordering only one drink for each of us, we ended up getting 5 giant plates of tapas! It. Was. Awesome.

And thus conclude my adventures in Madrid.

Next: Toledo!

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