Oh, Happy Day!

[Journal Excerpt]

I realized something awesome while I was in Madrid. There are no taxes in Spain.


Not at restaurants, not at bars, not at shops nor stores, not at museums, not ANYWHERE!!! Well, I’m sure Spanish citizens pay a butt-load of income taxes, but that’s not my problem! Maybe there are places where you need to pay taxes, but I haven’t found them. Nor do I wish to. Why didn’t anyone mention this to me? Did I just not get the memo? In any case, it’s awesome.

That, coupled with the fact that people don’t leave tips for waiters in Spain, makes my wallet (and me) very, very happy!

Oh, and until the end of February, the entire country is experiencing a HUGE sale called Rebajas, which means everything is dirt cheap. You can get heels for 9 Euro. I’ve seen it.

I love Rebajas!!!!


Because I do. Ohhhh, I do.

Methinks I’ll be needing another suitcase for my return trip.


NOTE: I learned later that there are indeed taxes in Spain (I.V.A.) — the difference is that the taxes are already included in the price of the item. I still like it better than the American system of adding the taxes on when you go up to the cash register, though!

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