¡Allí ves Sevilla!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it is with great pleasure that I present to you….. SEVILLA!!!! The city I called “home” for 4 months. I had the privilege to live in a beautiful city. When you imagine Spain, you’re imagining Sevilla. Sevilla’s got everything we romanticize about España: Flamenco, bull fights & matadors, spring fairs, sunny clear skies, Mediterranean heat, olive trees in the surrounding lands, ladies cooling themselves with their lacy hand-painted fans, narrow cobblestone mazes of streets, and gorgeous details painted and carved onto beautiful buildings. There are orange trees lining almost every street, and the people of Sevilla did this on purpose: so that the city smells good in March and April when the trees’ flowers are blooming. I felt like this city was a mix of Madrid and Toledo. Not too big, not too small; just right.

I arrived at night on February 1st and met my host “mom” Margarita, and her 14-year-old daughter (whose name also is Margarita. Easy enough!). After finding the two American girls who’d be my roommates for the semester and meeting our host family at the pre-determined bus drop-off point, we made our way to our new home. We all didn’t fit in Margarita’s car along with our giant suitcases, so her daughter (henceforth known as Maggie) took two of us and we got to our apartment in a taxi (I was greeted by a pretty interesting song when I got in the cab). Upon arrival we got a quick tour of the apartment (which had the best view in the city, I believe), enjoyed a fabulous welcome dinner, then we all unpacked and knocked out. My two other roommates actually shared a room together, and I got a room all to myself! I even got my own desk! SCORE!

So yeah. Life was pretty good.

More about Sevilla soon!

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