Market Day

I finally got a GREAT night’s rest and caught up with my sleep the night of Friday Feb. 3, so on Saturday I was up bright and early. After breakfast (which is always toast with olive oil — YUM!), Margarita asked me if I wanted to accompany her to the market! Of course I said yes, and I brought along my trusty camera because I knew I was bound to see some great stuff. And I was right. Here is some of Sevilla’s Saturday morning market.

Fresh fruits at the mercado

What is THAT?!!

Something smells…. fishy…. Hmm. I need to hire someone to write jokes for me.

Some of the fruits and veggies were so exotic! We got a LOT of food, it filled up our whole cart — and it was only 30-40 Euros! That same amount of produce would have cost over $100 back in the U.S. In our apartment in Sevilla, we always had a giant fruit bowl filled with the most delicious fresh fruits, and that’s what we snacked on during the day. I had wondered how Margarita managed to keep it so well-stocked, and that day at the market I got my answer.


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