Flamenco 101

*JOURNAL ENTRY: February 10, 2012*

I went and saw my very first Flamenco show last night! I went to a restaurant called “T de Triana” on Calle Betis that has Flamenco performances every Tuesday and Thursday nights. The dancers are INCREDIBLE. They have lightning feet!

So proudLoved watching the emotions on his face
Olé!Calm before the storm...
BAM!Love it!!!!!

Flamenco dancers 🙂

Flamenco is performed on 12 counts. Dancers tap their feet and clap their hands to keep the rhythm. There are many varieties, but here’s the most common/basic beat for clapping your hands: 1-2-CLAP! 4-5-CLAP! 7-CLAP! 9-CLAP! 11-CLAP!

And then you start back at one. It’s very fast-paced, and difficult to keep up! Try practicing it and you’ll have taken the first step on your way to learning Flamenco. 🙂

TIP: for me it’s harder to clap and keep track of my counts at the same time, so I just do this: 1-2-CLAP! 1-2-CLAP! 1-CLAP! 1-CLAP! 1-CLAP!

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