Día de San Valentín

St. Valentine’s Day in Spain. Not a big deal. Or, rather, not as commercialized as it is back in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.  I think I might have seen only two or three pink and red window displays in the weeks leading up to it. No little Cupids hanging in stores or on windows, no random hearts, I didn’t even see people selling flowers on the streets. People didn’t dress special on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t see any more red shirts than usual. I don’t know if there were commercials on TV advertising for it, because we don’t have a TV in this apartment.

That’s right. The last time I watched TV was when I was in the U.S in January.

People acknowledged St. Valentine’s Day, at least. I saw couples holding hands and making out (but that’s not strange, Public Displays of Affection are EXTREMELY COMMON in Spain, and nobody bats an eyelash when they pass by two people trying their darnedest to eat each other’s face right in the middle of the street).

And some guy I had met the week prior texted me “Happy Love & Friendship Day” in Spanish.

But that was about it as far as February 14th in Spain went. If you were expecting throngs of dashing young men playing Spanish guitars and singing love ballads outside the windows of their beloveds with bouquets of roses all over the place (like Hollywood would have you believe), you were very, very wrong.

guess HOPE Spaniards save their romantic stuff for some other time!

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