La Alhambra

After visiting good old Ferdy and Izzy’s tombs, we went to the Alhambra, one of the most popular sites in all of Spain. And let me say, it was more than I had imagined and indescribably beautiful. Also known as the “Red Castle,” La Alhmabra was a Moorish fortress and palace. We walked around for hours with our mouths hanging open, gazing at the intricacy and beauty of the massive building. Like I said, indescribable, so I’ll let my pictures do the talking (I completely maxed out my camera’s 4GB memory card in Granada):

Even the wooden doorsSuper Zoomed InOne of the few with color

Yaaayyyy colorful mosaics!All the walls are covered in this stuffExtending into eternity!This is a ceiling.
More color!So intricate!
One of the last remaining stained glassArabic script

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