Ronda: Day 1

I spent the last weekend of February in a town called Ronda. It’s the most famous of Spain’s pueblos blancos, and it’s a gorgeous little town. It’s on top of a cliff, divided in half by a huge gorge, and it has the most spectacular view. I felt like every time I’d visit a new city, it would become my favorite. I always thought to myself, “It can’t get any better than this.”

Well, Spain continued to prove me wrong.

Ronda is perfect. It’s a small town comprised of white-washed homes with red tiled roofs. It’s picturesque, clean, artsy, peaceful, it has so much history, and it has a beautiful and dramatic landscape surrounding it.

If I could pick a place to have a summer home, or maybe to retire, this would be it.

Well, as far as I know. Who knows how many more gems Spain has in store for me to discover?

In any case, I completely maxed out my memory card (again) during this weekend trip because I wanted to capture everything. Whereas with Granada I could pick and choose which pictures I wanted to share, I couldn’t do the same with Ronda. I would be cheating you if I only showed 20 photos. As a result, I decided to make a slideshow video featuring photos I had taken from my first day in Ronda. It was originally meant to be shared with my family and friends, but I’ll go ahead and post it here, too! Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to make it hi-def, and some of the pictures are pretty pixelated as a result. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there’s a random night parade of people in costumes it’s because Ronda was celebrating Carnaval that Saturday night!

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