Splang Saturday: 1

I’ve been trying to think of a way to share some of the fun vocabulary and slang that I learned while in Spain, and was inspired by a blog I follow called “Hola Yessica.”  Jessica studied abroad in Sevilla (like me!) and returned to Spain after graduating. She is now living in Barcelona (she has the life I want!) and does this awesome weekly post called “Where In Spain Wednesday” where she highlights a place in Spain and shares some info about it with her readers.  Sooooo, I figured I’d do a version of my own in order to share my favorite thing to learn: new words! In particular, Spanish slang.  I am now proud to share with you….

Splang Saturdays! (Spain + slang = Splang!) In addition to slang, I’ll occasionally include words that differ from the ones used in Latin America, or at least in the Spanish I speak, which is Salvadoran (shout out to El Salvador! Quiubo?!). Here’s what I’ve got for the first one:

Cremallera (cre-ma-YE-ra) = Zipper — It’s the official word for “zipper,” but I’d never heard it used before.  In Latin America, people call it el cierre (literally: “the closer”)

Zumo (THU-mo) = Juice — Another one that differs from Latin America, where jugo is more common.

Vale (VA-leh) = OK, sure, yes, alright, that’s fine, thanks, got it, I understand, etc.; can also be used as a question: ¿Vale? = Are you sure? Do you understand? (it’s seriously used for everything; all day, every day)

Mono (MO-no) = cute — Literal translation: “monkey”

Guay (gwai) = cool — Used in a sentence: “¡Qué guay!”  When pronouncing the word, do not stress the “g” sound; it’s very soft. It sounds like “why” with just a hint of a “g” at the beginning.

Chulo (CHOO-lo) = cool (adjective); pimp (noun)

2 thoughts on “Splang Saturday: 1

  1. Good list! I hear these words all the time. “Chulo” confused me at first, because it can mean either cool OR stuck-up/cocky here, which are so different.

    P.S. Thanks for the shoutout!

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