Discovering Grazalema

I can’t describe to you how much of an imprint Grazalema left on my heart.

On the last Sunday of February, my fellow Ronda traveling companion, Katherine, and I took a short day trip from Ronda to Grazalema. Round trip, the bus fare cost less than 6 Euro. The way that the bus schedules worked, we were only able to stay in Grazalema for three hours. However, within those three hours I fell irrevocably, irreparably, unabashedly in love. I never wanted to leave.

Cutie patootie

Sopa de Grazalema
Gotta love the white wash.

Nestled halfway up a mountain overlooking the Sierra de Grazalema National Park gleams a small pearl. As my Fodor’s Spain 2012 book says, “Its cobblestone streets of houses with pink-and-ocher roofs wind up the hillside, red geraniums splash white walls, and black wrought-iron lanterns and grilles cling to the housefronts.” It was all TRUE. It was the most gorgeous village I’d ever seen, with the most beautiful view. Mind you, I had just come to Grazalema from the beautiful city of Ronda (see how pretty it is in the video I posted), so it had to have taken A LOT to impress me.

LovelyGRAZALEMA, why must you be so pretty?!

But impress me it did. Our bus dropped us off in the center of village, and it seemed like all of the townspeople were there. Children ran around laughing and playing, and their parents lounged in the plaza eating tapas and sipping their café con leche while chatting with each other.  This town is the kind of place where everyone knows each other, and they don’t see a need to ever lock their doors.  When I visited, it was a clear, sunny day with a slight breeze. We got lucky, because Grazalema has the most annual rainfall than any other place in Spain! Katherine and I wandered through the narrow streets, oohed and aahed at how quaint it was, and climbed further up the mountain to enjoy the view of the white village with the red tile roofs and the national park in the background.

Center of town

Coolest water fountain

Not many visitors to Spain hear about Grazalema. I only happened to find out about it because there were a couple sentences about it in a side section in the Fodor’s Spain 2012 book.  But the blurb about Grazalema intrigued me, and I’m so happy I decided to explore it. Discovering Grazalema has definitely been one of my favorite experiences in Spain so far.

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