Ronda: Day 3

We visited la Casa del Rey Moro! It had a lovely garden and an underground network of caves that was used to store arms and weapons, and the caves extend all the way down the cliff to the water at the base of the gorge. It was a bit of a hike, and on the climb back up everyone was out of breath. Worth it, though!

Los Jardines del Rey MoroRonda's reflection resembles a painting.

Into the Mines of Moria! #lordoftheringsView from the bottom of the gorge.

Afterwards we had lunch in the gardens and enjoyed our view of Ronda.  After Katherine and I ate our sandwiches and fruits we had sneaked away from the hostel’s free breakfast that morning (don’t judge, we were so broke!), we decided to explore more of the town. It’s so beautiful! Lady Luck was with us that day and we learned that the Arab Baths were free to enter on Mondays, and we climbed up a steep road that gave us spectacular views over the city and surrounding land.

Admiring the view...Ronda, the most famous pueblo blanco

Red tile roofs
Entrance to Arab BathsHorsie!I loved the colorClimb every mountain! Ford every stream!

Red trimming on whitewash. Love it.Gold trimming works nicely as well.RondaaaaaaSpanish landscape after leaving Ronda
Ronda was one of my favorite cities in Spain, and I hope you can see why!

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