Leap Year 2012

Well, the night started out well enough.  We all decided to meet at Plaza de España near the Parque Maria Luisa.  Except, nobody knew that the park closed at 10:00 PM.  Robbie (remember the nice guy who walked me home after my first night clubbing in Sevilla? He ended up becoming one of my best friends!) had arrived early and as a result had still been inside when the park was locked up for the night.  When we got there, we came to the realization that Robbie was locked inside the Parque Maria Luisa!  We searched for a place where he might safely be able to climb out without skewering himself on the sharp tips of the gate surrounding the park, and after an impressive feat of acrobatics, he managed to get out and we were able to start our festivities!

We crossed over a bridge and into Triana, where we went to a pub called Phoenix and had a grand old time watching fútbol highlights and chatting.  Next we walked along the party street, Calle Bétis, situated right on the Guadalquivir River.  This night we discovered what was to become our favorite bar: Alambique. On Mondays and Wednesdays you get either a beer or sangria plus a shot of tequila for only 1.50 Euro, and on Tuesdays tequila shots are only 50 centimos. Needless to say, we made a habit of frequenting Alambique on weekdays. We stayed there until about 3 AM (early for a Spaniard’s standards), but not without making art first. Enjoy our glass, salt, and lemon sculpture. Even the bartender joined in!

Robbie walked me home, as usual, and I had a wonderful and memorable Leap Year!

Note: The legal drinking age in Spain is 18.

Robbie's escape attempt.A masterpiece.Katherine, Kevin, me, StevaughnI laughed so hard at Robbie's face!