Lady Carmona

This trip didn’t start as smoothly as I’d thought it would — we missed our bus and had to wait about an hour and a half for the next one because of a miscommunication that resulted in me being lead to the wrong bus station. HOWEVER! We made the most of our waiting time and had a delicious breakfast, and we even got free Chupa-Chups! We did eventually get to the lovely little town of Carmona (although we arrived too late to see the Roman Necropolis).  Also, we went on a Sunday, so all the shops and touristy parts were closed. Instead, we strolled through the streets and explored a bit (I love the colors of Spain — endless blue sky with white homes and red roofs, bright fruits and green hills).  But then we got down to business: TAPAS. Tapas galore. It was delicious. See pictures for proof.  After a few moments of terror where my friend realized she had lost her wallet (we were able to retrieve it, thankfully), we headed back to the bus stop to return home to Sevilla.  Roundtrip, the bus fare was 5 Euro, so I made a second trip back to Carmona in May to go see the Roman Necropolis.
Love the colors. It's so Spain.The town of Carmona
Lady CarmonaDid I mention I like the colors of SpainCute little townExactly where I want to be.
Tapas!SO. GOOD.

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