Splang Saturday: 4

Cabreado (ka-breh-AH-do) = pissed off

Cotilla (ko-TEE-ya) = a gossip / busybody

Cotillear (ko-tee-YAR) = to gossip

Enchufe (ehn-CHOO-feh) = a connection/contact who has some sort of power or influence and can help you. An enchufe could get you a job interview, or could get you into the club for free, for example. The literal definition of an enchufe is a light plug/socket.

Friki (FREE-kee) = geek/freak/nerd (e.g: friki de ordenador = computer geek) — even if you can’t understand Spanish, WATCH THIS hilarious video that pokes fun at the beloved friki.  This guy makes fun of all types of stereotypes that exist in Spain, including the….

Cani (KA-nee) = the closest U.S. equivalent to this kind of urban tribe would be the guidos, like the ones portrayed in “The Jersey Shore” — most Spaniards characterize Canis as having low intelligence, delinquents, they like to wear a lot of gold, they listen to reggaetón, and they all dress similarly.  To get a good idea of what a Cani is, WATCH THIS video made by the same guy who poked fun at the Frikis.  Also, if you speak Spanish, here’s a great article about what, exactly, is a Cani and I have recently discovered that the Canis have their own Web site dedicated to all things Cani.

Distribution of Canis throughout Spain.
The darkest regions are the ones with the most.

Flipar (flee-PAR) / Flipa (FLEE-pa) = To flip out (e.g: ¡Eso me flipa! = “That’s making me flip out!” or “I’m flippin’ out!”).  Something can also be flipante, which is used as an adjective and means it’s awesome/something that makes you flip out. This all has positive connotations.

Buho (BOO-oh) = night bus (like the kind that drunk people get on at 2:00 AM)– literal translation: “owl”

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