Splang Saturday: 6

Chaval (cha-VAL) = guy; dude; young man

Chavala (cha-VA-la) = chick; young woman

Palabrota (pa-la-BRO-ta) = swear word; curse word; bad word.

Botellón (bo-teh-YOHN) = Outdoor drinking party/gathering in a plaza, street, park, or other public place involving cheaply purchased alcohol from an OpenCor or a chino.

Porro (PO-rro) = joint (of the weed-smoking variety)

De puta madre (deh POO-ta MA-dreh) = Really, REALLY awesome/cool! The best! (e.g. ¡Lo pasamos de puta madre! = “We had an awesome time!”) — Literal translation: “of whore mother” (Note: puta used on its own is a palabrota. Puta means “prostitute” or “whore” and is very offensive)