Splang Saturday: 7

Fregar (freh-GAR) = to wash plates or to clean the floor; it’s used like the way we’d use “to scrub” — in Latin America they’d just use the term lavar when referring to washing something. Fregar in Latin America (more often than not) means “to bother” or it can also mean “to damage” or “to ruin.” So you can imagine my confusion when my host mom first asked me to help her fregar the dishes. I immediately imagined throwing the plates on the floor and breaking them, but quickly asked if by fregar she meant “to wash” instead. Glad I asked!

Cine palomitero (THEE-neh pa-lo-mi-TEH-ro) = movies that are just an excuse to go eat popcorn. These movies are usually the kind that don’t require much thinking on the audience’s part, or they have little-to-no plot. Magic Mike and Talladega Nights would be considered cine palomitero. (Pronunciation guide: the “th” sound is always soft, like in the word “thanks”)

Empollón (em-po-YON) = nerd

Empollando (ehm-po-YAHN-do) = studying

Cutre (KOO-treh) = trashy; poorly-made

Calatero (ka-la-TEH-ro) = someone from Cádiz

Granadino (gra-na-DEE-no) = someone from Granada

Sevillano (seh-vee-YA-no) = someone from Sevilla

Madrileño (ma-dree-LEH-nyo) = someone from Madrid