Splang Saturday: 10

Enfadado (ehn-fa-DA-do) = angry — in Latin America, enojado is more commonly used

Pavos (PA-vos) = Euros; bucks — Literally: “turkeys”

Tengo mono (TEHN-go MO-no) = when you’re addicted to something and you feel the craving — Literally: “I have a monkey”

Hacer la croqueta (ah-THER la kro-KEH-tah) = roll around on the ground — Literally: “Do the croquette”

Qué morado tengo (ke mo-RAH-do TEHN-go) = I’m so high (from smoking weed) — Literally: “What purple I have.” (I don’t get it.)

Crack (krak) = someone who is exceptionally good at what they do (this has been adopted from English slang that isn’t really used nowadays, but it’s understood: “He’s a crackerjack mechanic” means he is very skilled at his trade). — Example: people go to a comedy show and the comedian keeps them in stitches.  When talking about how funny the comedian is, they can say: ¡Él es un crack!

El puto amo (ehl POO-to AH-mo) = “the f*cking master”; used the same way it would be used in English.

You deserve a daily affirmation of how awesome you are.


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