Splang Saturday: 17 – Euskera Edition

OK, I know this is neither Spanish nor slang, but it was way too cool to leave out. Euskera is a language spoken in the Basque country in northern Spain, and it’s one of the oldest languages in the world. It existed before the Romans did. I figured it would be cool for my last Splang Saturday of the old year to be about an old language. 🙂

What makes it even more special and unique is that it is the ONLY language in the world whose origins are completely unrelated to any other language. It’s a bit of a linguistic mystery!

That’s right! I learned a few words and phrases in an ancient mysterious language! And now you will, too!

Kaixo (KAI-sho) = Hello

Zer moduz? (zehr mo-DOOZ) = How are you?

Eskerrik Asko (ehs-keh-RREEK AHS-koh) = Thank You

Berri (BEH-rree) = New

I hope you all have a great and wonderful berri year!!! 🙂


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