Splang Saturday: 8 – Dirty Edition *NSFW*

People say that the bad words are the first ones you learn in another language, or at least the ones you pick up the fastest. If that’s the case, this is probably going to be the most memorable “Splang Saturday” post I’ll make. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce…. the palabrotas. Seeing as how it’s Halloween weekend, this post will be either a trick or a treat for you, depending on how you look at it!

I did a bit more research before posting, and I found a great article that I had to include pieces of! Everything that you see in blue comes from Nellie Huang’s blog postTop 10 Spanish swear words” — everything else was written by yours truly.

Disclaimer: Lots of very vulgar words here in both Spanish and English; not for the faint of heart and NSFW (Not Safe For Work). If strong/crude/offensive/vulgar language offends you, do not click the “read more” button. Now, with that out of the way… let the fun begin!

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