Lovin’ me some Spanish architecture

El Puente de la Barqueta

I crossed this bridge every day to go to class! It’s overshadowed by its more famous sibling, el Puente del Alamillo, but el Puente de la Barqueta was my Chosen One. This made me appreciate the Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava. He is also designing the new World Trade Center transportation hub in New York City.

My Sevilla Must-See List

On my first full day in Sevilla, my program took us on a bike tour of the city. 40 loud American students riding on bicycles through the streets of Sevilla, cutting through traffic, blocking the way of cars and other pedestrians, nearly running over a few Spaniards, receiving dirty looks, amused looks, and on occasion, claps and cheers and shouts of encouragement from some drunk hobos.

Total. Mortification.

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