I went to Great Britain! ;)

You know you're in Great Britain when...OMG IT'S AFRICA!!!!
Cannons shot from the top reach Africa!Stalactites in St. Michael's Cave
And if you don't know, now ya know...City of Gibraltar

I took a day trip with friends to Gibraltar on Feb. 11, and here’s some of what we saw!

It was so cool being in a place with that much history. Everyone has heard of Gibraltar, and now I’ve been there! I cannot describe how awesome it was seeing the shadowy form of Africa looming in the distance. From Europa Point you can see Gibraltar, Spain, the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Straight of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Sea! There’s tons of cannons all over the place too, since this little piece of land has had a pretty violent past. There’s a cannon here that weighs 100 TONS! There’s also another cannon at the very tippy-top of The Rock that can fire cannonballs that reach Africa!

Also, one of my favorite things I found out was that one of Hercules’ mythical 12 tasks was performed here. He was asked to split the land in order to reach Hades. So, in order to complete the task, what he did was place one foot in Gibraltar, and the other foot in Africa, and by splitting his feet apart he created the Straight of Gibraltar!

Also, the Gibraltarians are a pretty interesting lot. They speak English with a British accent, but then can switch into perfect Spanish at a moment’s notice! Very disorienting, but very cool. And of course, they love their queen. Gibraltar has been English territory since the early 18th century. I loved seeing a little bit of British culture. I even got to eat fish & chips! And take a photo in a red telephone booth!

But, I have to say, my favorite part was playing with the MONKEYS!!!!

Two monkeys!This one jumped on me by surprise.
Then he peed on me!Two young monkeys! :)

I loved the Gibraltar monkeys! Even though one of them peed on me, the pictures I got were worth it!!

Buddha or Bust.

Journal Entry:

1st club night in Sevilla! A big group of about 40 of us from the program went out Thursday night to party it up Spanish-style. I think there were so many of us because everyone is desperate to make friends as quickly as possible. The atmosphere is almost frantic whenever the group is assembled; I feel like I’m at a speed dating session. Not that I’ve ever been to one, of course. *cough* Anywaaaaays, it’s all too-huge smiles, forced laughter, people trying to find if they have common friends or acquaintances (“Oh, you go to that college? Do you know so-and-so?”), everyone talking about their merits. It’s very job interview-esque. And of course I am no exception! I’ve realized that real life isn’t going to be my fantasy and my roommates are not going to be my best friends. Darn. So, I’m especially eager to meet people and find friends.

Back to the club night. The event was hosted by a tour company called DiscoverSevilla. First, we all met up at their office for some free Sangria, and then we made our way to a massive 3-story nightclub called Buddha. I walked in there, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, taking in all of the scenery. As the name suggests, the theme of the club was very eastern. Red and orange assaulted my eyes as I entered and incense filled my head with every inhalation. The bottom floor was relatively empty when we arrived, with people depositing their winter jackets at the coat-check. I laughed when I saw it; I’m far too cheap for that. Gotta stick to my carefully-and-painstakingly-prepared budget, baby! The strategically-placed Buddha statues watched me as I made my way to the staircase that would lead me towards the mass of inebriated gyrating humans. The base from the music was making my rib cage vibrate. I felt a bit intimidated, but the overall feeling was excited. Ridiculously excited. Elated, even. I couldn’t wait to start dancing. The second floor had a bit more action, and my rib cage increased its vibrating. I just kept climbing, reaching the deafening third floor. I realized this floor was made up of two groups of people: American girls and Spaniard predators. But that’s kind of expected.

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