Only in Spain…

The food in Spain was incredible. My first few days I ate paella, bacalao, tapas, all sorts of fresh seafood, tortilla de patatas, bocadillos, and I sampled the famous Iberian ham and the most delectable cheeses. However, there are a couple honorable mentions that deserve to be highlighted:

Cheetohs shaped like soccer balls and ham-flavored potato chips.

Yes. You read correctly. And oh. yes. I. did. I tried them. How could I not? You know you would have, too!


Of course they’d have these in a country where soccer is the religion.

Question: How much do Spaniards like ham?
Answer: This much.

Madrid: Day 2 Explorations

Can’t even begin to describe how much fun I had this day!

After breakfast in the hotel we had some spare time before our trek to the royal palace so we strolled  around the area. Then we joined our group and all were left completely in awe by the splendor of the royal palace’s interior rooms (We saw 20, but there are more than 2,800!). Unfortunately no photography was allowed inside, and we all wanted to cry a little when they told us. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Exterior of the immense Royal Palace

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