I came down with the flu (see post: “Blaaaarrrggghhhh”) on Monday morning and didn’t leave my bed unless it was to use the bathroom for two entire days. My host-mom, Margarita, made a jarabe for me that she makes for her daughter when she’s sick, and gave it to me on Tuesday night. It’s made of onions, garlic, honey, and something else. It was actually pretty good! All you had to do was dip a spoon into it, fill it with the liquid concoction, and sip it.  By Wednesday I was feeling better but still made sure I got enough rest and water because I did not want to ruin my trip to Barcelona by being sick. I lost 6 lbs in two days, so that’s not healthy. I focused on recuperating my strength on Wednesday. By Thursday (travel day) I was all better!!

The magical concoction that restored my health!