Pomegranate! Err, I mean, GRANADA!!!

Beautiful cathedralThe pomegranate is the symbol of Granada

*Journal Entry: Feb. 19, 2012*


I went on a trip with my program this past Friday & Saturday to Granada! It was about a 3-hour bus ride there, and the scenery and landscapes that I saw as we drove were beautiful. Forget strawberries! Olive fields forever. As we neared Granada there were more and more mountains, and then we started catching glimpses of snow-capped ones as well. Granada started out as a fortress, so that’s why it was built at a high altitude (like Toledo and Gibraltar).

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Cooking Lessons

[Journal Excerpt: 7 Feb, 2012]

So, my host “mom” Margarita loves to cook, and she says she’s going to teach us how to cook Spanish dishes! I’ve already helped her make Tortilla Española (and by “helped” I mean “peeled and cut potatoes”). But I’m looking forward to it! My mom gave me an ultimatum before leaving: “Don’t come back home without learning any Spanish recipes!!” Well, Mama, it looks like I’ll be coming back with a few! 🙂

NOTE: I came back knowing how to make Patatas Bravas and Migas.