Oh, Granada

My favorite view of the city

What can I say about you? You’re beautiful, charming, seductive, romantic. You inspire art, creativity, music. No wonder many famous writers and artists throughout history have come to spend some time with you.

Granada is beautiful by day, but absolutely captivating by night. After the Flamenco performance by the Spanish Gypsies we all made a trek back down the mountain. But we went down a different way than the path we’d used to climb, and our group leader took us to a small plaza that had this spectacular view of the Alhambra and Granada. When I first caught a glimpse of the sight, my breath caught in my throat. I walked to the low wall surrounding the plaza, as did my companions, and we all just sat there, quietly gazing at the scene that had been presented to us. I immediately whipped out my iPhone and started snapping pictures, trying to capture the moment, but they don’t do it justice.

The air was cold. My breaths were visible as little cloud puffs. The Alhambra was glowing, and the city was a blanket of twinkling lights much like the stars high above. The night was very clear, and I was able to see Orion and other constellations. It was serene and beautiful, and as my friend described it, “romantic in every sense of the word.”

I then claimed that if a hobo were to propose to me at that very moment I would have no choice but to say, “YES!” Laughs were shared. We eventually, reluctantly, had to leave, but those few minutes when we sat on a wall drinking in the beauty of Granada has been embedded into my memory as one of the greatest moments of my time in Spain so far.