Ronda: Day 3

We visited la Casa del Rey Moro! It had a lovely garden and an underground network of caves that was used to store arms and weapons, and the caves extend all the way down the cliff to the water at the base of the gorge. It was a bit of a hike, and on the climb back up everyone was out of breath. Worth it, though!

Los Jardines del Rey MoroRonda's reflection resembles a painting.

Into the Mines of Moria! #lordoftheringsView from the bottom of the gorge.

Afterwards we had lunch in the gardens and enjoyed our view of Ronda.  After Katherine and I ate our sandwiches and fruits we had sneaked away from the hostel’s free breakfast that morning (don’t judge, we were so broke!), we decided to explore more of the town. It’s so beautiful! Lady Luck was with us that day and we learned that the Arab Baths were free to enter on Mondays, and we climbed up a steep road that gave us spectacular views over the city and surrounding land.

Admiring the view...Ronda, the most famous pueblo blanco

Red tile roofs
Entrance to Arab BathsHorsie!I loved the colorClimb every mountain! Ford every stream!

Red trimming on whitewash. Love it.Gold trimming works nicely as well.RondaaaaaaSpanish landscape after leaving Ronda
Ronda was one of my favorite cities in Spain, and I hope you can see why!

Ronda: Day 1

I spent the last weekend of February in a town called Ronda. It’s the most famous of Spain’s pueblos blancos, and it’s a gorgeous little town. It’s on top of a cliff, divided in half by a huge gorge, and it has the most spectacular view. I felt like every time I’d visit a new city, it would become my favorite. I always thought to myself, “It can’t get any better than this.”

Well, Spain continued to prove me wrong.

Ronda is perfect. It’s a small town comprised of white-washed homes with red tiled roofs. It’s picturesque, clean, artsy, peaceful, it has so much history, and it has a beautiful and dramatic landscape surrounding it.

If I could pick a place to have a summer home, or maybe to retire, this would be it.

Well, as far as I know. Who knows how many more gems Spain has in store for me to discover?

In any case, I completely maxed out my memory card (again) during this weekend trip because I wanted to capture everything. Whereas with Granada I could pick and choose which pictures I wanted to share, I couldn’t do the same with Ronda. I would be cheating you if I only showed 20 photos. As a result, I decided to make a slideshow video featuring photos I had taken from my first day in Ronda. It was originally meant to be shared with my family and friends, but I’ll go ahead and post it here, too! Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to make it hi-def, and some of the pictures are pretty pixelated as a result. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there’s a random night parade of people in costumes it’s because Ronda was celebrating Carnaval that Saturday night!